What Is General Liability Insurance?

If you want to ensure that your small business has financial protection from unforeseen claims, general liability insurance is a smart investment. This coverage will protect your business from claims of bodily injury and property damage that can come up during normal business operations. Without this coverage, you would be liable to pay for any damages out of pocket. While the law doesn’t always require it, specific contracts or lease arrangements may require you to have it. General liability insurance (GLI) is also known as business liability insurance and commercial general liability insurance. If you need assistance or want a price estimate, give us a call at 908.444.4067 or email [email protected].

What Does General Liability Cover?

Bodily Injury & Property Damage

If someone other than an employee is injured on your property, this coverage can take care of medical expenses plus legal expenses and damages. Or, when an employee damages customer property, your coverage can help to pay for a replacement. If you need assistance or want a price estimate for bodily injury & property damage insurance, give us a call at 908.444.4067 or email  [email protected].

Product Liability, Copyright Infringement, and More

If products developed or sold by your business cause harm to people or property or if an employee used someone else’s work without permission, this coverage could pay legal expenses associated with product liability lawsuits and medical expenses if an injury occurs. Other examples include advertising injury claims against your business, court costs, judgments, and settlements. If you need assistance or want a price estimate for general liability insurance, give us a call at 908.444.4067 or email  [email protected].

Some Examples of Accidents that General Liability Would Cover

Repair expenses to fix a window that your employee accidentally damaged

Judgments and settlements resulting from a customer or client’s lawsuit

A customer or client’s medical costs if they slip and fall in your business

Legal costs and fees to defend your business in a lawsuit

If you need assistance or want a price estimate, give us a call at 908.444.4067 or email  [email protected].

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