What is Contractors Liability Insurance?

Contractor liability insurance is a smart investment to help protect your business, employees, and assets when something unexpected occurs. We are experts in determining and finding the right contractor insurance NJ for you that ensures you can protect your business and your employees. If you need assistance or want an estimate, give us a call at 908.444.4067 or email [email protected].

Why is Contractors Liability Insurance So Important?

General contractor liability insurance NJ will be the most crucial coverage to satisfy NY NJ contractor insurance requirements. This coverage will pay out if a claim is brought against you for faulty workmanship provided by you or your company. In many cases, these claims can arise long after your work was completed, so it is important never to let your coverage lapse. If you have other questions about contractor liability insurance, give us a call at 908.444.4067 or email  [email protected].

Why Contractors Need Contractor Insurance

Contractor’s General Liability Insurance is to protect business owners and operators against lawsuits that may arise from the following:

✓ Contractual liability

✓ Liability from accidents

✓ Liability caused by a worker employed by the contractor

✓ Products made by the insured

✓ Products/Completed Operations – Provides coverage for liability arising from the insured’s products or business operations conducted away from the insured’s premises after those operations have been completed or abandoned.

If you have other questions about coverage or want an estimate, give us a call at 908.444.4067 or email  [email protected].

If you have a Supermarket, Deli, Restaurant, Tavern, Construction Business, Contractor Business, or more, we can quote a policy for you! Call 908.444.4067 or email  [email protected].

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We Have the Best Selection of Carriers

We know you want to feel good about your insurance choices and have coverage from a credible and reputable organization. We don’t sell you insurance, we help you buy insurance from the world’s largest and best-known insurance companies. Once we get to know you and understand your needs, we’ll shop the market to find the policies that best protect your assets.

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